Add a Title and Metadata

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to add a page title.

  • How to add metadata to a page.

Page title

A page title is specified by one equals sign (=), followed by one blank space, and then the text of the title.

= Title of This Page

Every page should have a page title. Without a page title, the page lacks a critical part of its identity and certain features in Antora will not work. If you don’t want to display the page title on a certain page, you can add conditional logic in the UI template to hide it.

The page title may contain basic text formatting. For example:

= A _Formatted_ Page Title

However, the page title cannot contain resource references, such as an image. The page title is used in different contexts and the resource references are not always appropriate or resolvable. Therefore, they are not permitted.

Page description and keywords

If set, description is output to an HTML <meta> tag with the same name. You can break long values across several lines by ending each line with a backslash \ that is preceded by a space.

Example 1. Description attribute syntax
= Page Title
:description: A description of the page stored in an HTML meta tag. This page is \
about all kinds of interesting things.

The keywords attribute contains a list of comma-separated values that are assigned to an HTML <meta> tag with the same name.

Example 2. Keywords attribute syntax
= Page Title
:keywords: comma-separated values, stored, in an HTML, meta, tag

Page author

Specifying the author or authors of a page is optional. The author is listed on the line directly beneath the page’s title. An optional email address or contact URL can follow an author’s name inside a set of angle brackets (< >). When a page has multiple authors, each author is separated by a semicolon (;).

Example 3. Multiple authors and author information syntax
= Page Title
First Middle Last <>; First Last <>

Author names are output to the HTML <meta> tag. Whether any author information is also displayed on a published page depends on the site’s UI templates.

Refer to the AsciiDoc documentation for additional author attributes and methods for specifying author information.