Use an Existing Playbook Project

This page is for people joining a documentation project that already uses Antora.

A playbook is usually located in a playbook project. A playbook project repository is responsible for generating a documentation site. It’s strictly a configuration as code repository—​it does not contain any content. Instead, it contains a playbook file, and, in certain situations, supplemental UI files and extension code.

Before you can generate a site with Antora, you’ll need to fetch the playbook project for your site.

Fetch the playbook project

To start, open a terminal and clone the playbook project using git:

$ git clone your-playbook-repo && cd "`basename $_`"

The command clones an existing playbook project and then switches to the project folder.

If the project contains a package-lock.json file, it means it is requesting that you install Antora locally. To do so, run the following command:

$ npm ci

When Antora is installed locally, you will use npx antora to run Antora install of antora. The npx command will look for the antora command installed within the playbook project or any parent directory of the playbook project.

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