Customize the Title

The title key is used to assign a title to the component version (and, by relation, the component). The title is the formal, user-facing text for a component version, typically the proper name of the product, project, or subject matter. The title is also used for sorting the versions in the explore panel of the default UI.

The title doesn’t affect page and resource IDs or the component name segment in the page URL.

title key

The title key is optional. This key is set in a component version’s antora.yml file. The value is used by the reference UI wherever the component or component version is referenced, including the component version page menu, component version selector, and first breadcrumb position on a component version’s pages.

Although the title is set per component version, it should almost always be uniform across all versions of a component. Antora uses the title of the latest version as the title of the component. When viewing a specific version, such as in the breadcrumb navigation, the title of that version will be displayed instead. If the title differs between versions, it may confuse the reader. If you do need to change the title in a newer version, and you don’t want to update older versions, you can customize the UI template to always use the title of the latest version.

If title isn’t set, the reference UI uses the component name (the value of the name key) instead. Unlike name, the value of title can contain spaces, uppercase letters, and a broader range of characters (e.g., SUSE Manager, APIkit).

Example 1. antora.yml
name: colorado
title: Colorado ∆
version: '5.6'

This key is useful when a project’s name contains spaces or characters that break Antora’s page and resource IDs, prevent portability between web servers, or aren’t recommended in URLs. Also, if the name of your project changes, you can change the value of the title key but not have to update page and resource IDs or redirect URLs.

Assign a title to a component version

Let’s expand on the antora.yml example where you previously learned how to assign a component name and version. The project’s official name is Silver Leaf, and the team wants this name to be displayed in the UI. Since name can’t contain blank spaces, let’s set title in the component version’s antora.yml file.

  1. Open the component version’s antora.yml file in the text editor or IDE of your choice.

    Example 2. antora.yml for the component version silver-leaf 7.1
    name: silver-leaf
    version: '7.1'
  2. On a new line, type title, directly followed by a colon (:).

  3. Insert a blank space after the colon, and then type the value you want to assign to title.

    name: silver-leaf
    title: Silver Leaf
    version: '7.1'
  4. Save the file.

Now, the UI will display Silver Leaf in the component version page menu, component version selector, and page breadcrumbs.