Single Start Path

The start_path key identifies where the antora.yml file is located in a repository or local worktree relative to the root of the repository. This key doesn’t need to be set on a url if the content source root and root of the repository are the same.

Default start path

By default, Antora assumes that the root of a content source repository or local worktree (i.e., the value of a url key) is also the content source root. When antora.yml is stored at the root of a content source repository, you don’t need to set the start_path key for the url you’re configuring.

start_path key

If antora.yml isn’t stored at the root of a content source repository assigned to a url key, then use the start_path key to tell Antora where to find the content source root. A start_path key can only be configured per url key (it can’t be set directly on content).

Example 1. antora-playbook.yml
  - url:
    branches: [main, v1.0]
    start_path: path/to/content-source-root

The start_path key accepts a repository root relative path. Don’t add leading or trailing slashes to the path.

Specify start_path for a url key

The value of the start_path key is the repository relative path to a content source root. Let’s define a start_path value for the repository shown in Example 2.

Example 2. Content source root isn’t located at the repository root
📒 repository (1)
  📂 packages
    📂 docs (2)
      📄 antora.yml (3)
      📂 modules
        📂 a-named-module
        📂 ROOT
1 Root of a content source repository
2 Content source root
3 antora.yml file stored at the content source root

In order for Antora to locate the content source root in Example 2, the value of the start_path key needs to point to the directory where antora.yml is located.

Example 3. Assign start_path value
  - url:
    branches: [v1.0, v2.6]
    start_path: packages/docs (1)
1 Repository relative path to the content source root

Using the start_path specified in Example 3, Antora would use the path per branch to locate the content source root.