Output Keys

The playbook keys configured under output define where the site files are written and control how they’re processed.

output key

The output key contains common output settings and a list of destination specifications.

Example 1. antora-playbook.yml
output: (1)
  clean: true (2)
  dir: ./public (3)
  destinations: (4)
  - provider: archive (5)
    path: ./public/blue.zip (6)
1 Optional output key
2 Optional clean key
3 Optional dir key
4 Optional destinations key
5 Optional provider key
6 Optional path key

The output key and the key-value pairs it can accept are optional. When output isn’t set in a playbook, Antora uses the fs provider and publishes the site to the output directory build/site by default.

destinations and provider keys

The output key accepts the destinations key and its nested list of key-value pairs. The destinations key is required when you want to publish the site files as an archive, use a custom provider, or publish a site to multiple destinations.

The destinations key accepts a list of specifications that tell Antora which provider(s) to use to publish the site and where the generated files should be saved. When destinations is set, one or more provider keys must be defined under it.

A provider determines which transport protocol (local, SSH, HTTP, etc.) Antora should use when publishing the site and manages the low-level details of publication. Antora has two built-in providers, fs (filesystem) and archive (ZIP archive). provider is also an extension point that can be used to delegate to a custom provider, such as SSH, S3, etc.

Disable site publishing

To disable publishing the site files entirely, including to the default output directory, set destinations to an empty array ([]).

Available output keys

Output Keys Description Required

clean, destinations[n].clean

When set to true, the clean key removes the output directory or filesystem provider path recursively before generating the site.



Designates the target location where the output file(s) are written. See Filesystem provider and path and Archive provider and path.



Specifies the transport protocol Antora uses to publish the site. Accepts the built-in fs or archive values. Custom providers can also be specified. Multiple providers can be specified under destinations.



Specifies an output directory when the site is published using the default provider or first fs provider specified under destinations.