Assign UI Templates with page-layout

Antora provides a page attribute named page-layout. This attribute applies an alternate UI layout to the contents of a page.

page-layout attribute

The page-layout attribute is optional. It’s defined in the header of a page using an AsciiDoc attribute entry.

= Page Title
:page-layout: tiles

The page-layout attribute accepts the filename of a UI layout file without the file extension. For example, if you want a page to use the layout file tiles.hbs, assign the value tiles to page-layout. The associated layout file (e.g., tiles.hbs) is expected to be located in the UI bundle’s layouts directory. When the page-layout attribute is explicitly set in the header of a page, it overrides the default layout.

Default page-layout

If page-layout isn’t defined in a page’s header, then the page layout defined by the default_layout playbook key is applied when the site is generated. When neither page-layout or default_layout are set, Antora automatically assigns the built-in default value to default_layout. The default page layout applies the default.hbs layout file to any pages where page-layout isn’t explicitly set.