Available and Supported Antora Components

On this page, you’ll find the list of Antora components that can be assembled into a custom site generator pipeline. Antora has a modular architecture so that components can be easily removed and replaced. Due to its API, you can also integrate Asciidoctor extensions.

Core components

Core components are assembled into a pipeline by the Site Generator Default component. The Core components are versioned together.

At this time, only Core components with the same version are designed to work together. For example, if you want to use the Content Classifier and Page Composer in a custom site generator, make sure each component has the same version.

If you use the CLI (@antora/cli) with the site generator (@antora/site-generator), then you just have to keep the versions of the CLI and the site generator in sync. If you make a custom site generator, you are responsible for keeping each individual component you use in sync.

Extended components

Extended components provide key functionality for special use cases. An example of an Extended component is a file publisher provider for an Amazon S3 bucket. Once ready for general availability, Extended components are released and versioned individually.

Supported Core and Extended components matrix

Name / Package Description Core Extended License

AsciiDoc Loader

Reusable library for handling AsciiDoc content in Antora. It loads AsciiDoc content into an AsciiDoc Document object (AST).



Command line interface (CLI) for Antora.


Content Aggregator

Fetches and aggregates content distributed across multiple local and remote git repositories.


Content Classifier

Organizes aggregated content into a virtual file catalog.


Document Converter

Converts AsciiDoc documents to embeddable HTML.



Provides the infrastructure for logging, shaping, and reporting application messages.


Navigation Builder

Builds a navigation catalog sourced from navigation files. This navigation catalog can be used to add site navigation to pages.


Page Composer

Wraps the embeddable HTML contents of each page file from the content catalog in an HTML page layout. This step yields the standalone HTML pages in the generated site.


Playbook Builder

The configuration component that builds a playbook object from user input.


Redirect Producer

Produces redirects (HTTP redirections) to a given page from its registered aliases.


Site Generator

The site generator for Antora. Invoked by the generate command of Antora’s CLI to produce and publish static documentation sites. This package groups (i.e., has a dependency on) all the other non-extension packages except for the CLI.

Renamed from @antora/site-generator-default.


Site Mapper

Generates the sitemap files for the site. These files, which are intended to be read by crawlers, provide a list of all published pages by URL.


File Publisher

Publishes (i.e., writes) the publishable files in the virtual file catalogs to the destination(s) specified in the playbook.

Renamed from @antora/site-publisher.


UI Loader

Downloads and caches the UI bundle, then extracts and loads the files from that bundle into a UI catalog. The UI files are combined with the content files at the end of the Antora documentation pipeline to produce a complete site.


Lunr Extension

An Antora extension that integrates with Lunr to add offline, full-text search powered by Lunr to your Antora documentation site.