AsciiDoc Keys

The playbook keys configured under asciidoc apply attributes, Asciidoctor extensions, and additional behavior to the AsciiDoc processor.

asciidoc key

The asciidoc key specifies the attributes that are assigned and made available to all of the site’s pages. It also registers Asciidoctor extensions and activates additional AsciiDoc syntax error reporting features.

Example 1. antora-playbook.yml
asciidoc: (1)
  sourcemap: true (2)
  attributes: (3)
    table-caption: ~ (4)
  extensions: (5)
  - ./lib/custom-block.js (6)
1 Optional asciidoc key
2 Optional sourcemap key
3 Optional attributes key
4 Defined built-in AsciiDoc attribute
5 Optional extensions key
6 Path to a local extension script

Available AsciiDoc keys

AsciiDoc Keys Description Required


Accepts a map of built-in, custom, and page attributes that are applied to and made available to all of the site’s pages.



Accepts a list of Asciidoctor extensions. Depending on the capabilities of the extension, the extension will either be registered globally or be scoped to the AsciiDoc processor instance for a page.



When true, provides additional file and line number information about AsciiDoc blocks to Antora’s logger and Asciidoctor extensions. The default value is false.