Security Bulletins

A prompt response to software defects and security vulnerabilities is a top priority for Antora. Even though threats are a fact of life, we take quality assurance seriously with nearly 100% test coverage. This page documents the items that slipped through and how to address them.

Security Bulletin CVE-2020-28469




Jun 7, 2021


There’s a known security vulnerability in the version of glob-parent that this project pulls in as a transitive dependency of vinyl-fs (by way of glob-stream). We’re aware of this problem and are planning to eliminate it from the dependency chain as soon as we are able to.

Affected versions

All versions of Antora.

Remediation plan

The maintainer of vinyl-fs refuses to address the problem, so we will be removing vinyl-fs from Antora entirely. However, this is not a trivial change and will require time to address. We plan to remove it completely in a later release in the 3.x release line.

In the meantime, you can explicitly upgrade this dependency in your dependency chain, thus eliminating the warning emitted by npm, by adding the following override to your package.json file.

"overrides": {
  "vinyl-fs": {
    "glob-stream": "~7.0"

This remediation is used in the build for this site. You can learn more about npm overrides in the package.json documentation. Unfortunately, npm overrides can only be used by the consumer of a library, not the library itself. Thus, this is not a remediation solution Antora itself can enact.


Fortunately, Antora uses glob-parent in a controlled way, so this vulnerability is not an attack vector for Antora. However, we recognize that the notice is annoying and may trigger security protocols for users who see it.