Custom Provider

The custom provider is an alpha API and subject to change.

Use a custom output provider

If the provider key doesn’t specify a recognized built-in provider, Antora will attempt to require it as a Node.js module. This allows you to supply a custom provider.

If the value begins with a dot (.), Antora will require the path relative to the playbook file. Otherwise, Antora will require the value as a Node.js module installed in the playbook project.

The custom provider is a JavaScript function that matches the following signature:

async function (destConfig, files, playbook)

Here’s a template you can use to get started.

Example 1. custom-output-provider.js
'use strict'

module.exports = async function (destConfig, files, playbook) {
  const to = destConfig.path || '_site'
  console.log(`Publishing files to ${to}`)
  for await (const file of files) {
    console.log(`Writing file to ${file.path}`)
  return {}

The destConfig argument is an object containing key-value pairs that correspond to the properties of the destination specification. The files argument is a ReadableStream of virtual files (use for await to iterate over it). Each file is a Vinyl object that contains the properties contents, path, and stat. The playbook argument is the object containing key-value pairs from the playbook as a whole.