Add a Title and Metadata

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to add a page title.

  • How to add metadata to a page.

Page title

A page title is specified by one equals sign (=), followed by one blank space, and then the text of the title.

= Title of This Page

Page description and keywords

If set, description is output to an HTML <meta> tag with the same name. You can break long values across several lines by ending each line with a backslash \ that is preceded by a space.

Example 1. Description attribute syntax
= Page Title
:description: A description of the page stored in an HTML meta tag. This page is \
about all kinds of interesting things.

The keywords attribute contains a list of comma-separated values that are assigned to an HTML <meta> tag with the same name.

Example 2. Keywords attribute syntax
= Page Title
:keywords: comma-separated values, stored, in an HTML, meta, tag

Page author

Specifying the author or authors of a page is optional. The author is listed on the line directly beneath the page’s title. An optional email address or contact URL can follow an author’s name inside a set of angle brackets (< >). When a page has multiple authors, each author is separated by a semicolon (;).

Example 3. Multiple authors and author information syntax
= Page Title
First Middle Last <>; First Last <>

Author names are output to the HTML <meta> tag. Whether any author information is also displayed on a published page depends on the site’s UI templates.

Refer to the AsciiDoc documentation for additional author attributes and methods for specifying author information.