Section Headings

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to mark up section headings with AsciiDoc.

Heading level syntax

Sections partition a page into a content hierarchy. In AsciiDoc, sections are defined using section titles.

Example 1. Section title syntax
== Level 1 Section Title

=== Level 2 Section Title

==== Level 3 Section Title

===== Level 4 Section Title

====== Level 5 Section Title

== Another Level 1 Section Title

When a page is converted to HTML, each section title becomes a heading element where the heading level matches the number of equals signs. For example, a level 1 section (==) maps to an <h2> HTML tag.

Section headings must be defined using the Atx-style (single line) that begins with one or more equals signs. Antora does not recognize the legacy Setext-style (two line) syntax once supported by AsciiDoc. If you use the Setext-style syntax, xrefs in the page will not be resolved and other features of AsciiDoc will not be available.

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