Configure Antora’s Cache

About Antora’s cache

When Antora runs the first time, it will save resources it fetches over the network in a local cache. Antora caches two types of resources:

  • cloned git repositories

  • downloaded UI bundles

Antora stores these resources in the cache directory, which are further organized under the content and ui folders, respectively. The default cache directory varies by operating system.

Override the default cache location

You can override the default cache location—​listed here in order of precedence—​using:

Update the cache

If you want Antora to update the cache on subsequent runs, pass the --fetch option to the Antora CLI or set the fetch key to true in the playbook. This switch will force Antora to run a fetch operation on each repository it previously cloned. It will also force Antora to download a fresh copy of the UI bundle, if the URL is remote and the snapshot key is true.

Clear the cache

If you want to clear the cache altogether, locate the Antora cache directory on your system and delete it.