Default Layout for Pages

Default page layout

Unless the default_layout key is specified in the playbook, Antora applies the default layout to any page where the page-layout attribute isn’t set. The default layout corresponds to the default.hbs file that Antora expects to find in the layouts directory of the UI bundle.

You can instruct Antora to apply a custom layout to all of the pages in a site with the default_layout key.

default_layout key

The default_layout key is mapped to the ui key. It accepts a value that’s the stem of a layout file (i.e., the name of the file without the file extension). The specified layout file is expected to be located in the UI bundle’s layouts directory.

For example, if you want the layout file article.hbs to be used as the default page layout, you’d set default_layout to article.

Example 1. Default layout value
    url: ./../docs-ui/build/
  default_layout: article

The layout article will be applied to every page in the site, except for any page that has the page-layout attribute defined in its header.