Format List Content

Link text and unlinked text can be formatted with AsciiDoc’s inline formatting syntax.

Unlinked text

You don’t have to link all of the content in a navigation list to a page, resource, or external site.

Example 1. nav.adoc
* Unlinked Text
** xref:a-page.adoc[Linked Text]
* _Formatted Unlinked Text_

Unlinked text can be formatted using AsciiDoc’s inline formatting syntax.

Link text that’s entered into an xref, link, or URL macro can be formatted using inline AsciiDoc syntax.

Example 2. nav.adoc
* xref:index.adoc[*Bold link text*]
*[Some __ita__lic letters]

To format a page’s default link text, you’ll need to markup the value assigned to navtitle.