Site Keys

The playbook keys configured under site manage the site’s published identity and how it interacts with certain applications once it’s published.

site key

Global generated site files, service accounts, and other common properties are defined under the site key in a playbook file. These settings are applied to the entire site when it’s generated.

site: (1)
  title: Docs Site (2)
  url: (3)
  start_page: component-b::index.adoc (4)
  robots: allow (5)
  keys: (6)
    google_analytics: XX-123456 (7)
1 Required site key
2 Required title key
3 Optional url key
4 Optional start_page key
5 Optional robots key
6 Optional keys key
7 Example google_analytics key

The title key in the site category is required. The url key is optional, but recommended. See When should the site URL be set? for details. The other keys are optional; Antora will use default values if they’re not specified. Alternatively, title, start_page, and keys can be assigned from the CLI. The url key can be assigned from the CLI or using an environment variable.

Available site keys

Site Keys Description Required


Account and API keys for reference by the UI templates or extensions. Accepts a map of name-value pairs that specify account identifiers for service integrations such as Google Analytics.



Specifies whether Antora generates a robots.txt file. Accepts the values allow, disallow, and a custom, multi-line string. Ignored if the sibling url key is not set.



Accepts the resource ID of a page that specifies the start page of a site.



Specifies the title of a site.



Specifies the base URL of a site.