Site Configuration

The behavior of Antora is determined by a runtime configuration object called a playbook. As the site author, you populate the playbook using a playbook configuration file, or playbook file for short. You can override certain settings specified in the playbook file using CLI options and environment variables. These settings get compiled to make the playbook.

Let’s begin by learning what inputs, outputs, and behaviors the playbook file can control.

Playbook File

As authors, you can control what content is included in your site, what user interface (UI) is applied to it, and where the site is published using a playbook file. The playbook file is designed to make it easy for writers to control a site without needing any programming knowledge. The settings in this file are used to make a playbook, the runtime configuration object that tells Antora how to operate.

Specifically, a playbook tells Antora:

Certain settings from the playbook file can be overridden using CLI options or environment variables, which allows the operation team to tailor the behavior for specific environments, such as production.

Playbook Project

A playbook project repository is responsible for generating a documentation site. It’s strictly a configuration as code repository—​it does not contain any content. Instead, it contains instructions for how to generate one or more sites. In essence, it holds the playbook file. It may also contain extension code and lock down the softare dependencies.

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