On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply monospaced formatting to inline text.

AsciiDoc’s monospaced formatting applies a fixed-width font to phrases and characters.

Inline monospace syntax

To apply the monospaced style to a phrase or word, enclose it in a single set of backticks (`). A character bounded by other characters must be enclosed in a double set of backticks (``).

Monospace inline formatting
`monospace phrase` & ``char``acter``s``

`*monospace bold phrase*` & ``**char**``acter``**s**``

`_monospace italic phrase_` & ``__char__``acter``__s__``

`*_monospace bold italic phrase_*` &

Monospaced text can be bold and italicized, as long as the syntax sets are entered in the right order. The monospace syntax must be the outermost set, then the bold set. The italic syntax is always the innermost set.


monospace phrase & characters

monospace bold phrase & characters

monospace italic phrase & characters

monospace bold italic phrase & characters

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