UI Development Workflow

All changes pushed to a UI project’s default branch can trigger a new release (not described here). Therefore, you want to make your changes to a development branch and submit it as a pull request (PR) to be approved. (Even better would be to issue the PR from a fork). Only when the PR is approved and merged will the new release be triggered.

git steps

Use the following command to create a local development branch named name-me:

$ git checkout -b name-me -t origin/HEAD

You’ll then apply your changes to the UI files. Once you’re done making changes, commit those changes to the local branch:

$ git commit -a -m "describe your change"

Then, push your branch to the remote repository:

$ git push origin name-me

Finally, navigate to your UI project in your browser and create a new pull request from this branch.

The maintainer of the UI should review the changes. If the changes are acceptable, the maintainer will merge the pull request. As soon as the pull request is merged into the default branch, an automated process will take over to publish a new release for the site generator to use.

Now that you’ve got the process down, let’s review some of the files you’ll be working with in more detail.