Antora Roadmap

This roadmap outlines the current development direction and schedule for Antora. It’s intended for informational purposes only. The proposed features, their scope, and the release timeframes are estimates, not firm commitments.

Antora core components

For a detailed list of current development tasks, refer to the Antora issue tracker.


Release Timeframe: Q3 2019

  • Add support for referencing images across modules and components #228

  • Assign pathname of site URL to site.path property in UI model; use empty string if site URL is not set or pathname is / #258

  • Add git.ensureGitSuffix key to playbook to control whether git client appends .git suffix to URL if absent #414

  • Preserve linked text of an unresolved page xref #421

  • Assign implicit page attributes for navigation files #430

  • Make assets folder optional for containing images and attachments #464

  • Set page-component-display-version attribute on each AsciiDoc file #465


Release Timeframe: Q4 2019 - Q1 2020

  • Contents of xref should use page title if link text isn’t specified #310


The capabilities and features in this section have been proposed and tentatively accepted as future work tasks. They aren’t slated for imminent development but are reviewed for possible scheduling after each release.

  • Make module path configurable (using antora.yml) #28

  • Add option to playbook to skip/bypass worktree(s) in local repositories #82

  • Set up UI acceptance test suite #95

  • Ignore duplicate component in same repository if it matches component in HEAD #120

  • Decide whether content aggregate should be sorted #121

  • Allow a component to be promoted to the site root #132

  • Add a logging infrastructure; configure Asciidoctor logger to use it #145

  • Add a merge mode to supplemental UI files #149

  • Support loading the UI from a directory #150

  • Add support for git-lfs for assets storage such as images #185

  • Resolve symlinks (possibly just file symlinks) in git tree #188

  • Allow page alias to be an explicit URI pathname #190

  • Allow static redirect page to be customized using a UI template #191

  • Add (Apache) httpd redirect facility to redirect producer #192

  • Allow supplemental files to be fetched and added to the content catalog #195

  • Add context as second argument to ContentCatalog#addFile #209

  • Generate a robots.txt file (perhaps configured in site.yml) #219

  • Show the file url where the site can be previewed offline #220

  • Add support for referencing attachments using xref macro #227

  • Allow AsciiDoc content to be included from a URL #246

  • Allow AsciiDoc attributes to be specified per component-version (in antora.yml) #251

  • Implicitly disable branches pattern if tags pattern is specified in content source #268

  • Add authentication for remote UI bundles #280

  • Allow pattern for edit URL to be configurable #292

  • Implement fallback value for component version based on git ref or config #296

  • Use worktree of local git repository even when repository has no commits #298

  • Provide access to cached repositories in Antora context (as src.origin.cacheDir) #305

  • Automatically set up latest version URLs #314

  • Add priority boosts in sitemap based on component version #317

  • Add watch mode for files in worktree #329

  • Add xref support to image link #330

  • Add PDF output option for pages and/or components #349

  • Properly store generated PlantUML images directly in Antora content folder instead of output directory (Requirements: #189)

Antora default UI

For a detailed list of current development tasks, refer to the UI issue tracker.


Release Timeframe: Q3 - Q4 2019

  • Upgrade build to Gulp 4

  • Split off base UI from default UI; make default UI configurable from playbook

  • Cut stable release of default UI

  • Support sample content for preview pages written in AsciiDoc

  • Upgrade preview site sample content #20


  • Create task list SVGs #31

  • Enable unordered list marker styles #26

  • Extract all colors into CSS variables #18

  • Allow SVGs to be embedded directly into Handlebars template

  • Add client-side search (algolia docsearch) #44