Antora Release Schedule

Each major release line of the Antora Core components is typically supported for one year after it enters general availability (GA).

Status GA Maintenance EOL

Antora Core Components 2.0





Antora Core Components 1.1.x





General Availability (GA)

A release line enters general availability on the date an initial, final major version of the software is released and available for download.


Release line is being actively improved and supported.


Once a release line enters its maintenance period, only its most recent minor version will receive critical security patch releases. A release line starts this phase three months after the next major release line goes GA.

End of Life (EOL)

The date after which the release line no longer receives support or releases.

Version policy

Antora follows the semantic versioning rules. Each Antora component release is versioned major.minor.patch.


Major releases occur when there are substantial changes in functionality or when new functionality breaks backwards compatibility. Releases within the same major release line will maintain API compatibility.


Minor releases add new features, improvements to existing features, and fixes that maintain backwards compatibility.


Patch releases fix bugs and maintain backwards compatibility. Only the latest minor release of a major release line will receive patches. Patch releases happen as needed depending on the urgency of the fix.


Major and minor releases may include pre-release versions (major.minor.patch-alpha.n | -beta.n | -rc.n). Pre-release versions will be tagged as next so that the npm client doesn’t prefer a pre-release over a stable version. Once a release candidate (rc) has been thoroughly tested, the stable release will be published.

See the Roadmap for some of the notable features and changes scheduled for upcoming Antora releases.