Pipeline API Reference

The Pipeline object is the main point of access into Antora’s pipeline extension facility. Most notably, it allows you to register event listeners and update pipeline variables. It also provides a handful of helpers that make writing extensions easier.

The type of Antora’s Pipeline object extends the Node.js EventEmitter type. All methods on the EventEmitter are inherited by and available on Antora’s Pipeline object. However, note that you should never call the emit object to emit one of Antora’s own pipeline events.

In addition to the methods on EventEmitter, the following table describes the methods available on the pipeline object.

Table 1. Additional methods provided Antora’s Pipeline object
Method name Parameter(s) Description



Halts the operation of the Antora site generator and exits successfully (without error).



Adds or replaces the variables in the pipeline with the specified variables.



Requires the name of a module in the context of Antora. This method can be used to require Antora internals without having to declare the Antora component as a dependency.

Since the Pipeline object is an EventEmitter, you can use it not only to register listeners, but to get a list of registered listeners, unregister listeners, and reregister listeners in a different order.